Looking for a gorilla safari to Rwanda and any other country in East Africa? We offer several gorilla trips from Kigali to other destinations where you can see the gorillas like Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

4 Days Gorillas in PNV & Bwindi Forest

5 Days Gorillas in PNV & Bwindi Forest

5 Days Gorillas in PNV & Virunga National Park

Uganda Safaris

Uganda is a wonderful safari destination; Sprawling across both sides of the Equator, a network of 10 national parks and several other protected areas. Uganda tours offer wildlife enthusiasts a thrilling opportunity to experience Uganda’s biodiversity. The mesmerizing tracts of thorn-bush Savannah, lush expanses of tropical rain forest, shimmering with lakes and rivers heaving with aquatic life, and the glacial peaks of Africa’s tallest mountain range, make Uganda a unique Safari destination in Africa.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari Bwindi – 3 days
Uganda Wildlife and Game Safari to Murchison falls – 3 Days
Queen Elizabeth National park Safari – 3 Days
Uganda Primates Wildlife Safari – 17 Days
Uganda Culture Wildlife Safari – 10 Days

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