Rwanda offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa whether it be the dramatic Virunga volcanoes, the best place in the world to see the mountain gorilla, or the forest of Nyungwe, one of the largest mountainous forests in Central Africa, home to chimpanzees and large groups of Colobus monkeys.

What to expect

Since the genocide of 1994 Rwanda has progressed enormously, and with approximately half of the world’s mountain gorillas accessible through the Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda’s tourism is booming. As in the case of Uganda, Rwanda is a relatively expensive destination compared to other east African destinations and this is reflected in the poor infrastructure that is available. Service is of a ‘good natured’ standard but as of yet not up to the demanding standards of Kenya or Tanzania. Virunga Lodge is a definite must, having one of the most jaw dropping locations in Africa. For further detailed information on gorilla trekking, please visit our dedicated Gorilla Trekking website.

Public holidays

New Year’s Day, Heroe’s Day (Feb 1), Good Friday, Easter Monday, Genocide memorial day (Apr 7), Labour Day (1 May), Independence Day (1 July), Liberation Day (July 4), Assumption (Aug 15), Patriotism Day (Oct 1), Christmas Day, Boxing Day

Visitors are welcome to join in with festivities but should always observe religious and private gatherings from a respectful distance, unless invited to join in!