What is the best time to visit Rwanda?

Many travelers always ask about the best time to take a safari in Rwanda or take a gorilla trek in Rwanda and see the mountain gorillas in the Parc National des Volcans and more.  Rwanda is an all year round destination that you can visit anytime. Given the condusive climate that Rwanda enjoys, it is a great place to visit year round.

More on the Climate of Rwanda

Rwanda is located on a high altitude and it enjoys a pleasant tropical highland climate, with a daily temperature ranging from 14°C (25°F). Temperature may vary considerably from region to region because of the variations in altitude.

The average daytime temperature is about 30°C except in the highlands where it is much cooler.

There are four seasons; long rains from mid March to mid May, short rains from mid-October to November; long dry period from mid-May to mid-October and short dry season from December to mid-March.

The north-east has more rainfall than other parts of the country. It is still perfectly possible to travel during the rains, indeed the scenery can be stunning and the flora lush and it can be ideal for photography of both the gorillas and the scenery.